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"Alex is a top-notch guide with a gracious personality and a sharp mind. He has a deep understanding of history and archaeology, providing the context for each site before offering details to bring those settings to life. Reading aloud from Josephus and scriptural texts, we were drawn into the tragedy of Masada and entered first century Galilee through the use of these primary sources. After each reading, Alex critically compared literary narratives with archaeological evidence to illustrate how difficult it is to reconstruct history. He was able to answer even the most arcain questions we threw at him! Most importantly, Alex was patient and able to meet the diverse needs of our group. He knew when to lead and when to step back and let us soak in the beauty of this complex and multi-layered nation of Israel. Reserve him early because he's one of the best!" Kristen Remington Lucken, Director, Master in Global Studies; Associate Director, International and Global Studies Program at Brandeis University

"My classmates and I traveled to Israel for the first time, and we had the absolutely great fortune to have Alex as our tour guide. We could not have been more thrilled. Alex was exceptional, on many levels. He has a deep and profound knowledge of Israel the Holy Land. Alex also has a passion and strong love for his country – he made the many historic spots come to life with his stories – not just about the physical or architectural aspects of Israel, but about the people – their struggles and battles, their pride, their loyalties, their warmth, and their ambitions. Alex was wonderful with the people in our group, taking the time to answer questions and then add a little more, and helping in whatever way he could to ensure that people would leave Israel wanting to go back again. I would highly recommend Alex as a tour guide to anyone going to Israel. You might think that you can do the research and tour about on your own, but you’d be missing the feel of the Holy Land. Thanks to Alex!" Brian, Pennsylvania

"Alex is a phenomenal tour guide and educator. He made our two weeks in Israel a pleasure and highly informative. I was taken aback time and time again at how well Alex set the tone and explained the context of what we saw and experienced every day. In additional to historical facts and figures, Alex’s narrative was highly entertaining and, at times, downright hilarious. I was never bored. His unique sense of humor was a gift and it added a sense of levity throughout the tour. A great education matched by wit and insight and humor. Who could ask for more?"

Peter Boland, California

"Touring Haifa, Akko, Jerusalem, Masada, the Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea with Alex felt more like traveling with a witty, knowledgeable and engaged friend than with an anonymous tour guide. Alex's expertise is delivered warmly, he was charming with my teenage children, and he provided us with varying activities meeting all of our competing needs (from the more intellectual, cultural and historic to the playful, food-oriented and experiential). Besides sharing compelling stories about the various places we visited, Alex was also sensitive to my fear of heights, which enabled us to visit places that were important to see--like Masada--by managing how my kids interacted with the sites and allowing me to remain calm. In Jerusalem we had a fascinating experience visiting the water tunnels in the old city and we also took time for a food tour in the market in Jerusalem, tasting delicious juices and dishes reflective of the cultures from the diaspora. I not only speak for myself, but for my 13 and 17 year-old children in saying that Alex met our highest expectations and we would recommend his excellent services to anyone in need of a guide in Israel."

Catharine Clark, San Francisco


"Alex was our guide for two days-worth of fascinating, dynamic tours...the first thing to comment on is his wonderful ebullience and enthusiasm for the subject matter; Alex presents the history of the sites we visited with such energy, curiosity and feeling that it is impossible to escape being drawn into the narratives. He combines this with an expert knowledge of the relevant history and archaeology, and an excellent sense of timing: when to ask a pertinent question, tell an illuminating anecdote or focus in on a point of controversy. In this regard, he was also a superbly even-handed narrator, giving us a strong sense of how this land has been defined by plural and competing claims over the years but without making us feel that any particular ideas were being imposed. We returned from our excursions invigorated, not only feeling much more knowledgeable about what we had seen but also with a sense of having been immersed in a living history, pulsating with unresolved questions and disputes. I cannot recommend him as a guide highly enough - absolutely fantastic."

Nick, Barcelona


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