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MASADA, THE DEAD SEA AND EIN GEDI: Masada is a stunning desert fortress which has played a key role in Jewish history and mythology. On this tour we'll explore its ancient ruins, learning how it rose to significance under the Hasmoneans, was expanded by King Herod, and played a key and tragic role during the Jewis Revolt. We'll also learn why it was of massive importance in shaping contemporary Israeli identity. Afterwards, we'll take a float in the Dead Sea and explore the beautiful desert oasis of Ein Gedi.

ADVENTURES IN BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Shephelah, southwest of Jerusalem, is a largely rural, hilly area which is full of Biblical sites. here is where the Bible says that David slew Goliath, Samson was seduced by Delilah, and the Israelites brought the Ark of the Covenant back from Philistine captivity. Some people believe these stories in their entirety, while others, influences by archaeology, believe them to be little more than myth. On this tour, which takes in sites like Tel Gezer, Lakhish and Khirbet Qeiyafeh, we'll try to find out the truth by looking at the original ruins alongside the Biblical text and insights from contemporary archaeologists. This is an exciting, adventurous tour which aims to bring the often complicated debates among archaeologists to life!


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