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Tzion Bardush Z"L

A couple of weeks ago, while guiding at the magnificent Tunisian Synagogue in the magnificent Akko, I was sorry to learn that Tzion Badush, one of the founders of the synagogue and head of the Tunisian community in Akko, had passed away late last year. I remember meeting Tzion for the first time a few years ago, and unfortunately only being able to understand snippets of his lengthy explanations about the synagogue's extraordinary mosaics and the history of the community. Later, as a guide, it was up to me to explain everything, but I always knew that I couldn't do it as much justice as Tzion. Also, according to one of the congregants, he managed to escape getting shot during the Vichy occupation of Tunisia. May his memory be for a blessing, and if you haven't visited the Tunisian Synagogue in Akko, make sure you do so!

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