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In Depth in Jerusalem

Last week I gave an in-depth tour to a group from the Masa program Achvat Amim. We focused on contested religious spaces in Jerusalem, including the Southern Walls, Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, and Room of the Last Supper/David's Tomb on Mount Zion. Despite the rain, it was great to go into detail and look at the different ways in which religious sites are shared and fought over in Jerusalem. It was also nice to get positive feedback from the organizer: "Alex has led a few tours for our group of students all of which focused on connecting the history of Jerusalem to the current reality. Whether focused on architecture and national identity, power and powerlessness, or religious connections to the land and the contested nature of space, Alex unfailingly brings forward a complex and engaging set of sites and stories that allow participants to ask challenging questions and think in new ways about the past and the present. Aside from the great content, I can truly say that Alex is incredibly good-natured and funny - both extremely beneficial qualities in a tour guide, especially in the scenario of a one-day tour where the connection needs to be immediate and positive. I would highly recommend Alex for both small and large groups and can say with confidence that he will work with you to craft a fitting and meaningful experience."

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