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Introducing the Tel Aviv Review of Books

While guiding takes up the main chunk of my time, it's not the only thing I do. I've also recently launched a new quarterly journal, the Tel Aviv Review of Books. The TARB seeks to become the preeminent venue for intellectual discussions about Israeli politics, society, art and culture, covering the broadest possible spectrum of perspectives and opinions in Israel and about Israel for an international audience.The journal includes reviews, interviews, and long-form essays dealing with the major issues of the day from perspectives across the Israeli political, religious, and social spectrum. It also features work by international commentators on Israel. To this end it publishes both articles in English and English translations of contributions in Hebrew, Arabic, and other relevant languages such as Russian, French, Spanish etc.The TARB has an editorial board of fourteen senior scholars, intellectuals, and writers who act in an advisory capacity to the editors, ensuring that the journal maintains its polyphony.Rather than promote a particular vision of or for Israel, the TARB seeks primarily to foster debate, acknowledging the often irreconcilable perspectives that exist in and about Israel. Check out the first issue - perfect reading to prepare for a trip to Israel!

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